Bayer Bay O Pet Cozy Puppy Training Pad


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Highly absorbent, ultra thin floor protection pads, ideal for house training your puppy.

3 Layers of Protection

  • Rip resistant top sheet
  • Highly absorbent core to lock away moisture and odour
  • Leak resistant bottom liner

Directions for Use:Unfold a pad and place onto the floor with the plastic side down and white absorbent side up, in an area where your puppy stays but away from feeding bowl. positively encourage your puppy to use the pad by regularly placing him onto it. Leave the pad on the floor during the training process so that your puppy knows where to go

Praise your puppyeach time he uses the pad correctly.

If your puppy relieves itself away from the pad bring it back to the pad immediately to try encourage proper use.

To dispose:  Lift each corner towards the center of the pad, lift and twist gently, and place into a bin bag or similar. Dispose with normal household refuse.

Net Content:  14 pads (57cm  x 57cm)

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