Bayer Dog Bay O Pet Stylopet


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7 inch
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It is very important to brush the coat of your dogs hair in order to keep them clean, neat and tangle free. Bayer Bay O Pet Stylopet For Dog is a hair brush that keeps the coat of your pet clean and removes the matt of hair and keeps it tangle free. It is very healthy for your pet to be regularly combed and hence will make them look beautiful. Gently brush your puppy’s coat from head to tail and down the legs, following the direction of the hair. The grooming brush can be used wet or dry. Its gentle massaging effect is also useful when shampooing. Using flea and grooming comb regularly, particularly around the ears , neck and base of the tail help to prevent the flea infestation.

  • suitable for small dogs and puppies
  • also helps in the removal of fleas and ticks
  • keeps the coat tangle free
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • length of the comb – 7 inch
  • length of the grooming brush – 6 inch

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