Bayer Bolfo Anti Tick & Flea Powder For Dog & Cat – 75 gm


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The powder flea and tick product is a must in the summer and rainy seasons. In summer dry and wet which makes irritant animal coat. This will also help to eliminate all kinds of pests outside your dogs and cats and prevents re-infestation of ticks and fleas.

Relieves itching during summer period the product is antibacterial and antifungal property, and prevents the spread of various diseases of the skin. The product is to have dual benefits; it allows your pet without itching skin and gives you a dog or cat clean smell.

It is extremely useful for the treatment of all insects and flea bites is to have natural soothing qualities. Just spread the powder layer on layer and gently massage into the skin. Brush your pet as usual. If you find that complicated then just put on the brush.


Eliminates ticks and fleas in both cats and dogs

Prevents the infestation of parasites

Soothes skin irritation in the pets

Provides with an energizing fragrance

Absolutely non-toxic powder


Propoxur Powder 1%w/w


Dust the animal’s body against the direction of hair. Stroke the fur to rub the

Powder gently up to the skin.

Do not sprinkle the powder into the eyes or nose of the pet.

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