Best small sized dog breeds in India
11 Mar

The trend of adopting dogs is very popular in India. After all, they are the cutest animal on earth.  With time they become your family member, your missable companion. So here are many and best small dog breeds in India to check out.

  1. Beagle: Beagle’s are very attractive, athletic and familiar. The smelling sense of the beagles is great and makes them highly excited about interesting smells. They are good for detecting activities.
  2. Indian pariah dog: Indian pariah dogs are very delightful and need less maintenance. This breed is very alert about people around and proves a great mate. It adjusts well in every Indian climatic condition.
  3. Indian spitz: Indian spitz resembles pomeranian the most. They are of small size and looks cute in white. They are highly active to fight even with big dogs. They adjust well with a warm environment and also capable to withstand the heat easily.
  4. Lhasa Apso: Lhasa Apso is a Tibetan small dog breed. Lhasa Apso is dominant and intelligent. They are very organized and cautious about strangers. Implementing early socialization and bodily workouts are important.
  5. Labrador: Labrador is very popular and intelligent. They can be easily trained and accompanies greatly your family. It’s is available in various colors. It demands less maintenance and less grooming.
  6. Pomeranian: Pomeranian is a perfect apartment dog. They are tiny but very active. They are very cautious and thoughtful. Their double coat makes them very attractive. Pomeranian’s are easy to train and a great kids companion. They can remain fit with ordinary workout and simple walks.
  7. Poodle: Poodles are very active, intelligent, confident and also a great performer or can also be a winner of a dog show. They are highly playful but not very sportive. They can be easily trained right for being a great companion and a sweet pet. They are small enough to be your apartment members.
  8. Pug: Pug is a small apartment breed and can be trained easily. Actually, they eat a lot so they need regular workouts for controlling their weight. They are very loyal and a great companion for all family members.
  9. Crocker spaniel: Crocker spaniel is another best small dog for families. They can be trained well. They have quite long hairs that need to be maintained with time. The hairs and coats need timely trimming and are a good option to bring home.

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