CatSpot Scratch And Play Eco Friendly Cat Toy


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CatSpot Scratch And Play Eco Friendly Cat Toy – Large

Cats have natural tendency to scratch things which keep their claws short and sharp. To keep your furniture and rug away from the damage you can give them this CatSpot scratch and play eco-friendly cat toy. This toy offers a tempting fun to your cat, they can scratch it whole-heartedly. Made from the assorted pieces of cardboard, this toy is safe for your cat. Additionally, your little cat will love to chew this toy, which provides a great exercise for teeth and gums. This toy also encourages to develop the cat’s natural instinct of stalking, hunting and chasing a prey. Now your feline friend can safely scratch, keeping you amuse every time! Your cat will also remain active, fit and happy!


  • Made from the cardboards this toy is eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Your cat will love to chew this toy, which promotes their oral health by massaging teeth and gums
  • This toy can develop the instinctual scratching in your cat, keeping them fit and active always
  • Wisely made with the ergonomic surface which gives maximum comfort to your cat while scratching
  • This toy will help to stimulate cat’s natural behavior keeping your entertain every time
  • Size- Large
  • Please give this toy to your cat under human observation.

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