16 Mar

Today’s highlight is a coronavirus. Yes…!! It is the most talked topic nowadays. So, if I am talking about pets I would definitely consider it essential to talk about coronavirus as pet owners are really worried.


Coronavirus is called a virus that consists of various elements that had been detected in various animals like cats, chickens, cattle, and yes also in dogs. There are various types of coronavirus but only some cause infections. The disease caused by this virus is named COVID-19.

Coronavirus and your pet:

The research has stated that dogs can come in contact with canine respiratory coronavirus but it is not endangering for pets. The World health organization has also stated that the proof has not been assured that companion pets like cats or dogs can be defiled with recent coronavirus. While a Chinese epidemiologist has stated that if the pet goes out and comes in contact with an infected person then the pet may get infected.

Protecting pets from coronavirus:

You simply need to follow some simple precautionary measures to keep your pet away from this virus. You can wash your hands regularly with water and soap every time you touch your pet. You should also wash your hands once you touch their stuff or food. Also, you should avoid kissing your pets. Simply try to maintain a hygienic environment in your house. When your dog is out for a walk you can clean his paws with any antiseptic in the limit to avoid dryness and avoid using the mask on them as it won’t work.

The “weak positive test” suggests that dogs catch a very lenient infection which indicates the presence of the virus in a dog in a very small amount. If you think you are infected with COVID-19 so better maintain distance from your pets, wear masks for extra safety, and get an immediate check-up. Protect your pets in the same way and look for a veterinary recommendation.

The research has also gained the information that like other objects surface the coronavirus can also be found on the dog’s surface even if the dog has not come in contact with this virus. So finally the statement is clear where the coronavirus gets transmitted from person to person by means of coughing sneezing and not from animal to person. Adopting the pets is really great and having them around reduces stress and high blood pressure.


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