Nappets Dog Perfume Spray Voilet Lily 200ml


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Dog Perfume Spray Voilet Lily 200ml offers world class pet’s perfumes and dog’s dry bath concepts. Unmatched fragrances with longest stability in perfumes. They are completely safe for your dogs/ pets. products contains floral extracts but use with caution on pets with sensitive skin.

Lightly spritz your pet with Nap Pet Voilet Lily Pet Perfume and get rid of that doggy odour for the whole day. This lightly fragrant perfume spray will have your pet smelling amazing without being an overpowering flowery scent. The beauty of this perfume lies in its fragrance which is a heavenly blend of fresh violet blooms and whipped lily petals. Apart from beautiful mild fragrance, it has several nourishing ingredients that become extraordinary with the touch of air and make you touch your pet again and again.

The Voilet Lily Pet Perfume is ideal for both cats & dogs as it deodorizes and neutralizes bad odours keeping your surroundings smell good throughout the day. If your pet is your baby, then let everyone appreciate your baby’s positive odour attained through a flowery fragrance with perfect scent level and strength. The gentle and peaceful smell of lily will make you cuddle your pet with smell fresh even after spending a day long on dirty surfaces.

Key Features

Gentle Violet Lily Fragrance
200 ml Spray Bottle
Safe to use on Pet Coat
Made using natural ingredients
Free from harmful chemicals

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