Fluval CO2 Cartridge – 0.088 Kg 1 Pack (Single)


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Fluval CO2 Cartridge – 0.088 Kg 1 Pack (Single)

CO2 is integral for all your aquatic plants, just as oxygen is integral for all your fish, CO2 is quintessential for all your aquarium plants. If you do not supply appropriate CO2 in the tank, the plant will decay or rot in water. This CO2 cartridge from Fluval can be used for Fluval CO2 kits. The installation and change of cartridge is fairly simple.
You have to remember that all planted aquariums do not have the appropriate amount of CO2 that is essential for the growth of the aquatic plants. So it becomes integral to supplement CO2 in the water. As per research around 40 to 50% of an average plant weight is composed of carbon. The CO2 kit will provide your plants the required nutrients, which in turn will help to maintain healthy and vibrant plants. This replacement CO2 cartridge will ensure that there is always an uninterrupted supply of CO2 in the planted aquarium. Though, you have to keep it in mind that lighting and the right fertilizer also play an important role when it comes to plant growth.
  • Replacement cartridges for Fluval CO2 kit
  • Helps to maintains vibrancy of all aquarium plants
  • Facilitates growth
  • Integral for the growth of all plants
  • Easy installation to aquarium
  • Weight – 88 g each (Only 1 Cylinder in the pack)
  • Dimension of CO2 cylinder – Height – 6 inch , width or diameter – 2 inch
  • Replacement part for – Fluval pressurized CO2 kit
  • Suitable for aquarium – upto 151.5 Liters

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