Fluval Ceramic CO2 Diffuser Disk – 0.088Kg


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The Fluval ceramic CO2 diffuser disk is a replacement disk for your ceramic CO2 diffuser. This helps to release CO2 into the aquarium. The diffuser can be placed inside the tank with the help of the suction cup and can be easily attached to a pipe, which is in turn connected to a CO2 cylinder. There can be times when the ceramic diffuser can wear down with time; you can now replace this easily with the ceramic diffuser disk.
You have to remember that all planted aquariums do not have the appropriate amount of CO2 that is essential for the growth of the aquatic plants. So it becomes integral to supplement CO2 in the water. As per research around 40 to 50% of an average plant weight is composed of carbon. The CO2 ceramic diffuser will help to maintain healthy and vibrant plants. The diffuser disk helps to diffuse the correct amount of CO2 in the tank. This is like a transparent pipe that can be attached to the pipeline that in turn is attached to the cylinder.
  • Replacement disk for CO2 diffuser
  • Helps to maintain green and healthy plants
  • Facilitates growth
  • Integral for the growth of all plants
  • Replacement part – For Fluval CO2 diffuser
  • Material – Ceramic diffuser disk

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