Hill’s Science Diet Adult Advance Fitness Chicken and Barley Recipe Dog Food 3 Kgs


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Adult dogs require balanced nutrition for maintaining their overall general wellness. Essential vitamins and minerals are also needed for having healthy bones and joints. Hills Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness Original Dog Food 4 Kg is a wholesome diet for dogs of all breeds, that promotes their overall growth and wellbeing. A healthy blend of Omega fatty acids fosters the health of skin and coat of the dogs in just 30 days. Chicken and Barley are present as the fundamental ingredients that make the food delectable for dogs to savour. The ingredients are easy to digest supporting higher assimilation of the food. A good blend of Vitamin E and C in the diet acts as natural antioxidants for delaying the ageing effect and to strengthen the internal resistance of the dog. Hills Science Diet Advanced Fitness Original Dog Food does not contain artificial flavours and preservatives for making it suitable for sensitive dogs.

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