Hill’s Science Diet Adult Oral Care Cat Food 1.59 Kgs


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Hills Science Diet Adult Oral Care Cat Food 1.59 Kgs is a richly nourishing cat food that has a clinical kibble technology reducing plaque and tartar buildup in the cats. The unique kibble shape also freshens the breath of the cat after each bite of the food. The natural fibre and bigger kibble size of the food work on the cat’s tooth like a toothbrush which thoroughly cleans them. Hills patented technology makes your cat chew the food comprehensively, promoting healthy and smooth digestion. The top quality ingredients of the diet get easily absorbed in the body. Having no artificial flavours and preservatives make the diet ideal for allergic cats. Taurine present in the diet boosts cardiac and retinal health. The crunchy and savoury Chicken along with other vital constituents of Hills Science Diet Adult Oral Care keep your feline fit for long and healthy life.

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