Hill’s Science Diet Adult Lamb & Rice Large Breed Dog Food 15 Kgs


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Grown-up large breed dogs require a nutritionally balanced diet for keeping good muscle mass and healthy bones and joints. A diet like Hills Science Diet Adult Lamb and Rice Large Breed Dog 15 Kg has all the necessary ingredients for bolstering the overall growth and wellbeing of adult large and giant breed dogs. The kibbles are big in size for promoting good chewing of the food and also to eliminate the problem of bloating. All the constituents of the diet are easy to digest ensuring that all the nutrients of the food are absorbed faster. An exclusive blend of Omega 6 fatty acids reduce inflammation and also regulates brain functioning. The food contains minerals like Glucosamine and Chondroitin which restore joint health and also improve the dog’s overall flexibility. Hills Science Diet Adult Lamb and Rice Large Breed Dog Food contains a combination of Vitamin E and C which is an excellent natural antioxidant that boosts the defence mechanism of your canines.

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