Hill’s Science Diet™ Canine Puppy LB LM & BR 15 Kgs


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Large breed dogs grow tremendously during their first year. Also, they consume a lot of calories, which majorly goes into tissue growth and bone development. A diet like Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Lamb & Rice Large Breed 15 Kgs is a standard diet tailor-made for large breed puppies for boosting their overall growth and development. Proper levels of minerals are present, which supports controlled bone and joint growth. Glucosamine and Chondroitin have been added to prevent inflammation and to support strong cartilage and joints. L Carnitine in the diet improves muscle recovery and burns off the extra fat deposits in the puppies. The Omega fatty acids present in the food helps in enhancing brain and joint function. Hills Science Diet Puppy Lamb and Rice Large Breed does not contain artificial flavours and preservatives, making it completely safe for sensitive dogs.

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