Hill’s Science Diet Adult Light Dog Food


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Dogs that are less active need only a low-calorie diet. Giving them a diet with fewer calories ensure that they maintain ideal body weight. Hills Science Diet Adult Light Dog 15 Kg is a highly nourishing low-calorie dog food having L-Carnitine which stimulates fat burning within the dog’s body. The delicious chicken meat in the diet gives the dogs a good protein content for sustaining ideal body functioning. Vitamin E and essential Omega 6 fatty acid makes the skin and coat healthy and shiny. The fiber content of 12% in the diet satisfies the appetite of the dogs and promotes excellent digestive health. Taurine present in the food is vital for healthy cardiac functioning in the dogs. A balanced proportion of essential vitamins and minerals speeds up the metabolism and consolidates the bones and joints of the dogs. The chicken and barley offered by Hills Science Diet Adult Light Dog are highly delicious tempting the pickiest of eaters.

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