Hill’s Science Diet Kitten 1.59 Kgs


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Kittens start to consume solid foods at around 2 months when they are completely weaned off from mother’s milk. It is vital to give them a diet that can enhance their overall growth and development. Hills Science Diet Kitten 2 Kg is a highly nutritious diet offering precisely balanced nutrition for growing kittens. Natural DHA obtained from natural fish oil supports a healthy brain and eye development in the kittens. The ingredients are easy to digest and are entirely devoid of artificial colours and preservatives. Chicken and brown rice being the primary constituents make the meal absolutely delicious for the kittens. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are essential fatty acids that promote learning functions and good eyesight in the little felines. Oat fibres present in the food maintain an ideal weight and good digestive health. A healthy blend of Vitamin C and E offered by Hills Science Diet Kitten forms excellent antioxidant for supporting the excellent natural defence in them.

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