How we are taking care of our employees during COVID-19?
22 Oct

During this tough time, our priority is not the financial benefit of the company but the safety and health of our employees. Not everyone can work from home remotely, some need to come office as they need physical interaction therefore, it becomes necessary to apply some rules and regulations so that all the employees can stay safe and healthy. Considering the fact, we have taken a few steps to ensure the safety of our employees.


  1. We are conducting the temperature checks regularly of hundreds and thousands of our employees.
  2. Thousands of masks had been distributed to all over employees across the network.
  3. Regular testing of all the employees with or without for Coronavirus has been done. Not just that, we are also paying attention to cleaning sites. We are sanitizing all our sites more frequently so that all our working employees can stay safe. Regular sanitization of door handles, touch screens, scanners, handrails have been done.
  4. We are spending millions of rupees in disinfecting sprays, wipes, gloves, and much more. We are also spending on buying sanitary equipment stations.
  5. Certain rules and regulations have been established in our working site like all the employees have to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds especially after using the washroom, before eating, coughing, sneezing, and before blowing nose. This is one of the main rules that every employee has to follow. Apart from the break times, employees can take a break anytime to wash their hands and there is no restriction on that.
  6. Our hiring process and working environment are established in a way to encourage social distancing.
  7. Stand up meetings have been eliminated and new communication methods have been applied that can be done without any physical contact.
  8. We have also shifted training so employees would not gather at one spot.


We are conducting the health measures of all our employees daily and not just helping our employees to adopt the new environment by leaning the new normal. These are certain steps that have been taken by our employees.



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