Manitoba Mixture For Canaries Birds 1 kg


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Mixture for Canaries is the maximum expression of a leading nutritional company in the professional livestock sector which is Manitoba. The already rich recipe with Canadian Scagliola (99.9% purity), Niger India, Lino and Canapuccia is added 2% of the Chia seed, outstanding bearer of high biological value fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) and in addition to this the mixture is integrated with oyster shells and 5% of Nectar Manitoba. Nectar Manitoba is packed with nutrients of high biological value. Starch heat dextrinated wheat, eggs and vegetables rich in protein extracts amino acids, macro and trace minerals and vitamins. Nectar Manitoba is a precious food at every stage of breeding.


Canary seed, Rapeseed, Flaxseed, Hempseed, Nigerseed, Oats & Traces of bread

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Instructions for proper use
The particular organoleptic characteristics of this blend make it suitable for each stage of farming. The food daily administration should be equal to the average amount consumed in the 24 hours, taking care to ensure before each dose the cleaning and washing of the manger. This practice health and hygiene will also be extended trough, providing fresh, clean water always available.

Product Analysis :

Moisture 9.45 %
Raw Protein 16.60 %
Raw Fat 17.59 %
Raw Ash 4.63 %
Raw Fiber 13.82 %
SHELF LIFE : 48 Months expresses as best before end.

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