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This Petoz 365 Dog & Cat Supplement is formulated to meet the deficiencies arising due to the regular feeding of home-made food. It is packed with the essential nutrients and vitamins, which are helpful for making your pet active and healthy. It is the best food supplement from the nutritional point of view. The daily feeding of the supplement helps to avoid vitamin deficiency and various ailments. Petoz 365 Dog & Cat Supplement has got long shelf life as it is packed in the air tight bottle.

Palatable fatty acids, vitamins, & chelated minerals Testitabs

Benefits :

DHA in Petoz is vital for brain development in young ones
Chelated minerals in Petoz have high bio-availability
Multi-fatty acids apart from multi-vitamin-minerals

Each mega testitab contains:

Fatty acids : LA : 60 mg; ALA : 12 mg; DHA : 4.5mg
Chelated minerals : Ca : 80 mg, P : 60 mg, Fe : 0.8 mg, Zn : 2 mg
Vitamins ( in I.U.) : A : 1100, E: 6, D3 : 150; (in mg)
B1,B2,B6,Niacin,Pantthenic acid; ( in mcg): B12:
25, Biotin : 30, Folic acid : 16
When/ Why used :

Builds and maintains health and vitality
Meets extra demand of fatty acids, vitamins, & minerals of young & growing; pregnant & lactating pets and small animals
Essential supplementation when pets are on home made food
Dosage & Administration :

Young & under 5 kg : Testitab daily
Adults : 1-2 Testitab(s) daily
Administer by hand or crumble and mix with food.

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