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Merapet is a one the leading companies in the pet care arena. They have gained the trust and recognition of many pet owners across India and Nepal as a ‘leading face of pet health’. Their huge range of pet health products is specifically formulated considering the specific requirements of pets. Offering variety of nutritional formulations for Dogs, Cat and fish this company also excels in providing innovative range of Cosmeceuticals, Pet health care drugs, Nutraceuticals and Mouth Watering treats for pets. The talented Experts of Merapet collectively showcase their years of experience through their distinctive range of pet care products. Merapet products at MERA PET DOG MERAMAC 6 TAB FEATURES (Only for the use of a registered veterinary practitioner, a laboratory and research centers) Ivermectin melt in mouth tablets 10 mg MERA PET PETOZ DOG SUPPLEMENT TABLETS
Daily dietary supplement and reward dose
Daily nutritional supplement to meet deficiencies arising due to regular feeding of home made food or partial feeding of readymade food.
Mera Pet Caldoz Calcium Tablets Supplement 40 tablets When / Why Used:
Mud/Own Stool eating situations along with Maximi
Builds and maintains healthy bone & teeth
Meets extra demand of calcium in young & growing; pregnant & lactating dogs, cats & small animals
Features / Benefits:
Double strength Calcium
Ca & P in ‘chelated’ form for better utilization with faster and effective absorption
Exclusive ‘Alfalfa’ for providing instant energy & increasing Ca absorption
Unique combination of Ca and Mg. as they work in synergy
Extra Tasty
Mera Pet Meralac Feed Supplement 1kg Complete nutrition for Puppy and Kitten Weaning FEATURES
Easily digestible-has highly digestible protein
Soothing to pups stomach
Guaranteed palatability across breeds
Made of quality ingredients ensuring optimum growth
Can be given to even 12 days old puppy does not cause loose motion
When / Why Used :
Complete nutrition for Puppy & Kitten weaning
Orphan puppy
Pregnancy & Lactating stages
Sickness & Convalescence
Diarrhoeal cases
Mera Pet Maximum Growth Promoter Powder 400gm FEATURES
Power coat vitalizer, growth maximizer and treatment value augmentor in skin ailments
Best supplement for your pet dog
Growth promoter and coat vitalizer
Improves fur quality before dog show
Supports therapy in skin ailments
Administration and dosage
administer and dosage
administer orally by mixing with food
fish oil and egg powder
upto 10kg body weight (b.w.) 6-8g daily more than 10kg b.w additional 6-8 g per 10 kg b.w. daily Store in a cool and dry place Not for human use animal use only Keep out of reach children