19 Dec

Technology plays an important role in our life. Isn’t this sound interesting: the rises of technology devices are transforming pet care in many new ways? The Rise of an internet things and smart devices has not only changed the consumers purchase pet product, but it has also changed the varieties of products available in the market. If you own a pet and a kind of person who is devoted to caring your pet with smart movements, here are six new smart Devices address pet-care needs that make the pet parent life easier:

  • Smart door: Let your pet now feel free to roam around without security risks. The device scans the smart key that is attached to your pet’s collar and the door will open and will be locked automatically once the pet will leave.
  • Easy Bites: This includes two smart gadgets- Monitoring device and treats dispenser.

The dispenser is able to hold a pack of tasty snacks and able to throw it up to 6 feet.

Your pet can now list and respond to your commands with an easy monitoring device.

  • Bark collar: Purchase a waterproof bark collar that boasts two modes: beginner barkers and loud barkers. Combination of vibration, beep and painless static shock along with nine levels you can customize the collar as per your pet’s need.
  • Smart Feeder: Control your pet’s portions and feeding schedules from a downloadable app. The feeder portions out the food by analyzing data as per your pet’s health activity stats.
  • Waterproof camera: Record every moment your pet watches. You can now strap a waterproof camera to your dog’s harness and fully enjoy the scene from your pet’s point of view. With a camera, you can stream, connect and upload your pet’s video directly from your device.

Nappets is the biggest online store from where you can get all the new smart Devices address to pet-care needs. Our aim is to eliminate the stress of all those busy pet owners and to provide better care for every need of your pets.

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