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Vamso Pet health is a division of one of the top 15 veterinary companies in India popularly known as Vamso Biotec Pvt. Ltd. (ISO 9001:2008 & GMP certified). With an aim to work towards keeping pet healthy and happy, Vamso Pet Health appeared as an exemplar by providing innovative and detailed research based solutions to the customers (pet owners and Veterinarians). Their commitment to serve best for companion animal species is truly appreciated by many, due to their reliable and best quality products.

Their Pet Health supplements offers variety of supplementing options covering Cattle, Poultry and companion animal species. These supplements are truly safe and preferred choice of many veterinarians.


VamCal Calcium supplement – 200 ml
VamCal Liquid is a Ca and P tonic with values of Vitamin D3, A, E& B12.
Good for bony development in growing pups
Good for overall health
Recommended for Pregnant and Lactating bitches.

Pet Liv Liver Supplement -100
Safeguard liver from various known and unknown assault.
Revitalize sluggish hepatic cells
boost up hepatic functions for better growth
Helpful in the treatment of hepatic dysfunctions
Imugen Antistressor – 100 ml
Improves vaccination response
Improves general immunity
Overcome stress conditions like – ownership change, climate and environmental change, vaccination, exhaustion disease, estrus, whelping, lactation, pseudo-pregnancy etc.
Improves Fertility, libido, vigor and vitality.
Intas Zymopet – 30 ml