Biogroom Vita Absorbable Coat Oil – 475 ml


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The Bio-Groom Vita Absorbable coat oil for your dog has been a specially formulated to give your pet smooth, silky and shiny skin. The coat oil has wheat germ, lanolin oils and essential Vitamin E oil that ensures smooth coat and prevents all kind of matting and tangling in your pet. The 475ml coat oil does not contain any alcohol or silicone and hence is completely safe for all your pets.
It helps to maintain the appropriate pH balance for your pets coat and is easy to apply. Just apply it on the coat and this will help you to get rid of dry and flaky skin as well. This will help to remove all tangles from long haired dogs as well. It can be easily mixed with other treatment product as well, such as flea and tick. The 475ml absorbable coat oil from Bio- Groom will also help to repair overworked hair.
Does not contain alcohol or silicone
Soothing agents
Maintains neat and clean coat
Does not strip your dog of essential natural oils
Quantity – 475 ml
Breed – All breed
Storage – Store in cool dry place

Shampoo with Bio-Groom Shampoo, rinse well and squeeze excess water from the coat.
For oil conditioning of the dog’s coat, use 3-4 tablespoons of Vita Oil per gallon (3.8 liters) of warm water.
Pour or sponge over entire coat until thoroughly saturated.
Work well through the coat, so the oil is distributed to the skin.
Dry as usual. (For Malteses, use heavier concentration and check coat after 3 days.)
As a brushing aid for dogs and cats, mix half a tablespoon or less with a pint (0.5 liter) of warm water and spray in the coat.

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