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16 inch
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Birds also need to have their share of fun and play and for that they need toys. The Coco Tower Hanging Bird Toy will give your birds the same. This is made with a real coconut shell and has colorful wooden blocks hanging from it.
The dome of the Coco Tower toy is made from the coconut shell hence it is 100% safe for your pets. The blocks make a tower and at the end of the toy there is another coconut shell. The colorful blocks will help your bird to peck at it. This will help to keep them busy for countless hours. Along with fun they will help to give mental stimulation to your birds. The toys come with a carbineer that make it extremely easy to hang this toy inside the cage.
All natural coconut shell domes
Can be fixed to the cage ceiling
Mental stimulation for birds
Colorful toy for birds of all age

Suitable for – African parrot, macau, love bird, parakeet and other parrots
Length – 16 inch (length including hook)
Material – wood and metallic ring

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