Cable Tie Out Dog Leash


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Use the Cable Tie Out Dog Leash instead of a regular leash for a next walk, which has been designed using flexible steel airline cable for comfort. The leash has a weather resistant coating, which allows you to use it in the sun, rain or even on a windy day. The length of the cable tie out on this leash is about 30 feet. It has a strong large hook fitted at both ends, with a specially designed heavy duty spring on one end. This helps provide better safety for your pet.

This leash can be very handy when you have to take your pet for dog show, the screw and carbineer allows the pet to be at one place. This leash can be used for dogs up to 55 kg of weight. It also keeps your pet active and relaxed. The tie out leash is available in different colors. You can use different colors to identify leashes for different purposes. The hooks with this tie out are rust resistant and chrome coated for easy use in all weather conditions. It’s a comfortable leash that does not cause your pet any pain, irritation or uneasiness.


Vinyl coated steel surface
Heavy duty clip
Strong hooks
30 feet comfortable length
Support dogs up to 55kgs

Color – Blue or Red
Breed Types – For dogs upto 55 kg
Max Size (Length) – 360 inch
Material – Venyl coated steel leash

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