Professional Pet Clipper Kit With Dual Battery


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Professional Pet Clipper Kit with dual battery is a rechargable electrical hair clipper that can be used to clip and groom your pooch. With low motor noise and a powerful sharp clipping lever, the clipper is ergonomically designed and makes grooming easy. The sturdy grip which makes clipping easy.

Rechargeable electrical hair clipper
Low noise motor
Beautiful outlook
Powerful cutting with adjustable lever
Removable batteries
Removable blade
Quantity – 1
Limiting comb
Removable blade
Cutting limited lever
Cutting adjustable loop
0n/Off Switch
Removable batteries
Adaptor AC220V 50Hz
Cleaning brush Lubricating oil
Be sure the Input Voltage and Frequency is right to the adaptor, or it will burning and damaged.
Shut off the switch if power cuffed during charging.
This model is used by the professional adaptor.
If the adaptor works wrong, please go ask for the professional maintenance agent. Never replace this adaptor with other adaptor, and never use this adaptor into other electrical appliance.
The blades are made of high-density alloy. When in use, please operate with great care. Stop using it when found any damaged.
Never change the circuitry inside by oneself. 6.Keep the clipper clean.Clean with the brush to remove the hair on the tool.
To maintain your clipper in peak condition, the blades should be oiled every few haircuts. Do not use hair oil, grease, oil mixed with kerosene or any solvent, As the solvent will evaporate and leave the thick oil which may slow down the blades motion.
How to use:

Before using, put the 1-2 drops of lubricating oil on the blades and haircuts, then turn on the switch, hold the clipper in a relaxed, and make it running within a few minutes.
This clipper is used with removable blades, after using a time, need clean and replace the blades. Put the handle to make the blades off, then the blades would be taken away according to the sketch.
When realign the blades, turn the adjustable loop to the 2.0mm, make the blade teeth right to the sketch, push powerfully to make sure the blades are wellrealigned
If the rechargeable batteries are used out, just use the adaptor to work on with same effect.
The clipper has been equipped with 2 group of batteries, all can be charged during inside or outside.
The Adaptor we provide is a multi function one which suitable for travel. Be sure the Input Voltage and Frequency is right when charging.

At first, this model need 10-12 hours charging before use, in order to make the batteries inside to be actived. Only need to charge with 8 hours for the later use . It can not be over chaged in order to keep the batteries work time long.
During the charging, the LED is on red.
When charging, put the switch on OFF, after charging, shut off the power.
The outside of this clipper and the adaptor would be warm while charging.

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