Cipla Mexcam Oral Suspension For Dog – 32 ml


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Mexcam Oral Suspension from Cipla for dogs is an effective analgesic for your dog. It helps to treat all kind of pain and inflammation associated with acute and chronic muscolo skeletal issues. Always remember to consult your vet before administering any dosage to your dog. The medicine can be easily administered into your pets food.
The Oral suspension in 32ml suits most of the pets but do not give it if there is any previous case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients in the product for your pet. If your dog suffers from any cardiac, behavioral and anticonvulsant issues and is undergoing medications for it then please consult your vet before giving this. The product is safe but there some dogs can show side effects to the medicine and if any symptom persists for long then consult your vet immediately.
Relives from pain
Helpful in acute and chronic musculo skeletal disorder
Administered with food

Form – Liquid
Quantity – 32 ml
Composition – Meloxicam BP 1.5 mg
Recommended Dosage – Consult your vet for right dosage
Storage Instructions – Store in cool dry place

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