Dachshund Stone Ware Mug


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This collector mugs from Creature Companion is a must have for every dog lover. This has a picture of a Dachshund on it and has the words affectionate, proud and brave printed on it. These adjectives have been specially scribbled to describe the traits of the breed.

The collector Dachshund stone ware mug is perfect to have your morning cup of tea or coffee. You can collect the entire series and have a different breed in your mug every morning. The Creature Companion mugs are easy to wash and maintain. The mug is dishwasher safe as well. If you already have a Dachshund then it is all the more essential to have this mug.


Perfect for dog lovers
Adjectives scribbled to describe the breed
Easy to clean
Adorns the picture of a Dachshund

Material – Stone Ware
Color – White
Breed – Dachshund
Height – 3.5 inches approx
Diameter – 3.1 inches approx

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