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When your puppy needs to be given medicines for illness or general well being it is not easy for them to swallow tablets. In such a case, it helps to powder or crush the pills. There are some adult dogs also who refuse to have tablets in its whole form; this product can be aid to those pet owners as well.

This specially-designed all-in-one crusher and splitter have stainless steel blades to cut the pills in the right sizes. This machine also makes it easy to crush pills into a fine powder as well if required. You can mix the powder in your dog’s food to ensure intake. The crushing of pill is easy; you have to simply twist the machine. The screw system in the crusher helps to turn the pills into fine powder. The crusher also comes with space to store tablets. It is a sealed container and handy to store tablets that have to be cut and crushed for later use. The Dog Pill Crusher and Splitter is made of molded plastic and is highly durable.


Made of durable material
Stainless blade for splitting
Crushed medicines to powder form
Space for tablet storage
Screwing system for easy use

Color – White
Quantity – 1
Length – 7 Inch
Width – 5 Inch
Use – Pill crusher and splitter
Instructions – For crushing of pill is easy; you have to simply twist the machine and screw to turn the pills into fine powder

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