Dogs Grooming Gloves Simple Solution – LXB – 6.2X11.5 inches


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Simple Solution
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DogSpot Grooming Gloves are one of the best grooming gloves available in the market. Each grooming glove is easy to use and can be used even by a 4 year old. The glove can be easily slipped on the palm and used to groom your pooch. The glove is great to massage and soothe aching joints and bones. It can also be used to pull off the loose hair from furniture and clothes.

Fast,easy and efficient way to groom your pets
Removes loose hair in no time
Great for use on upholstery, rugs and bedding
Reusable Machine washable
Fits either hand
LXB – 6.2X11.5 inches
Two gloves in a pack
Simply fit the glove to your hand
Run your hand along the pet’s body in the direction of fur
Check for loose hair and pick these off the glove with your free hand and set them aside

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