Double Sided Dog comb


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3.5 inches
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The Double-Sided Comb is an excellent two in one tool. The coarse side is ideal for freeing up matted hair and the finer side is suitable for combing out loose hair. The comb has a soft rubber hand grip specifically designed for ease of movement..The Double Sided Comb is perfect for removing tangles, dead hair and to help maintain your pet’s coat. With a Large side to help untangle any matted areas and a medium side to smooth and perfect. You should groom your pet on a regular basis, especially during the moulting season or before bathing. This will help to ensure that your pet remains looking their best, with a knot free, shiny coat.

Very economical
Excellent design
very durable
Removes loose hair,dirt,and helps prevent hair from being matted.
Teeth are moulded into the combs body for maximum durability.
Soft grip shaped handle for comfort and controlduring use.
No. of teeth on coarse side – 24
No. of teeth on finer side – 38
Length of the comb – 3.5 inches
Directions for use:

Use the coarse side of the comb to untangle mats that are present and be careful not to pull fur off.
Always comb your pet in the direction his hair grows
Follow with the fine comb side for final grooming.
Please regularly remove hair from comb formaximum grooming benefits.

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