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Heads Up For Tails
8 inch
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The double sided comb is a very useful accessory to maintain the lustrous coat of your pet. If you have long haired dog then it is bound to get tangled and matted. This will not only make your dog look unkept but can be bad for the coat also. This can be easily resolved with the help of this dog comb dual from HUFT.
This HUFT dual comb is a blessing in disguise for all long coat pet owners. This can be used for both your cats and dogs. This prevents tangles and matting in the coat and helps to maintain the lustrous coat for all your pets. This will help to get rid of dry and flaky skin as well. There are dual benefits for this comb and it not only maintains a soft coat but regular combing will add luster to it as well.
Maintains luster of your coat
Gets rid of tangles and mats
Removes dry and flaky skin
Must have for long coat dogs

Length of comb – 8 inch approx
Width of comb – 2 inch
Suitable for – Medium and long hair dog

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