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It is very important to stimulate the oils glands present on your dog’s skin to maintain a healthy and lustrous coat. There are times when your pet’s coat can become flaky and itchy, giving rise to constant scratching. Hence, it is important to use the massage brush to stimulate those follicles. The small size massage brush can be used on puppies as well.
You can use the small massage brush while giving a bath to your pet, this will help to stimulate the hair follicles and help in the secretion of natural oils. In addition to this, the HUFT massage brush provides the perfect way to remove all dead skin from your pet’s body and prevent itchy skin. This even makes it easy to form lather while giving it a bath. This can be used for a massage on the skin as well; it will solve the same purpose even without giving your pet a bath.
Easy to clean and maintain
Use it while giving a bath
Stimulates the oil glands on the body
Removes flaky and dry skin
Massage your pet
Length of Brush – 6.5 inch approx
Width of Brush – 4 inch
Suitable for – Puppies and adult of all breed

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