IMAC Ciottoli D06 Fused Double Bowl For Dog & Cat – Beige – 600 + 600 ml


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The double fused Ciottoli bowl of 600ml dog bowls have been designed specifically keeping in mind that your pooch does not tip over the bowl and spill any food or water. The product has been specifically designed to provide additional stability; the lower part of this bowl can be detached, filled with sand and attached back again to give it some additional stability for your bowl. It can hold 600 ml water and relational quantity food in the bowl.

This 600ml IMAC beige bowl is designed by drawing inspiration from nature. This product line has all the earthy colors, smooth lines and shapes. The word Ciottoli in Italian literally means stone. The bowls are simple and plain looking but of extremely durable plastic quality, which look like stones. The bowl are made of high grade materials and does not leave a stain with continuous use. The mouth is also curved to ensure that your dog does not try to lift the bowl and tip its content into the floor.


Durable plastic
Easy to maintain and clean
Can be filled with sand to provide additional stability
Stops spillage
Does not leave a stain
Capacity – 600 ml for each bowl
Suitable for – Medium breed dogs
Color – Beige
Material – High grade plastic, equiped with non slip plastic feet
How to use – Unscrew the bolts as per illustration and fill the upturned part with sand and screw the bolt along with putting the rubber feet back to its place

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