IMAC Jerry Litter Tray For Cat – (LxWxH – 19.5×15.5×5.5 inch)


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(LxWxH–19.5×15.5×5.5 inch)
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This grey color litter tray from IMAC comes with a scoop to ensure easy cleaning after your cat has used it. A litter tray is essential to maintain hygiene within your household if you have a cat. The tray should be placed in a place where the cat can locate it easily but can also have his or her required privacy. You need to clean all litter trays on regular basis so place it in an area that can be cleaned regularly.

If you want you can additionally use the litter filters available as well to remove all kind of odor as well. House cats in general like to keep them self clean at all times. They spend considerable time of the day in cleaning their coat and feet. So it is important to ensure that it has a clean place to litter. A litter tray plays an essential role in this; with a little persistence you can train your kitten or cat to use the litter tray on regular basis. It is made of durable plastic and is very easy to clean and maintain.


Grey color
Made of durable plastic
Ensures neat and clean house at al times
Maintain privacy of your cat

Length – 19.5 inch
Width – 15.5 inch
Height – 5.5 inch
Material – High grade plastic
Instructions – Place the tray in slient place, away from distraction source

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