Original Puppy Training Pads 14 Pads Small Simple Solution


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These Original Puppy Training Pads from Small Simple Solution is the perfect way to house train your dog. When you get a puppy home toilet training can be the most difficult task that you have in your hands. If you are using newspapers it can become messy as they are not able to absorb much and make cleaning a nightmare.

The puppy training pads from Small Simple Solution comes with a super absorbent level which is covered in plastic and it makes cleaning all the more easy. This ensures that the house is always stain and odor free. If your do not toilet train your puppy he will soil the house, he will not be equipped to differentiate between the right and wrong area. If the dog starts using these training pads after some time you will notice that the pets comes to the training pads only when he feels the need to soil.


Plastic cover on pads
Efficient to clean
Effective training module for your pet

Length – 21.5 inch
Width – 23.5 inch
No of pads in pack – 14

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