PETSPORT Jr. Tuff Peanut Butter Balls Dog Toy – 2 Pack


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Give your dog something that he loves to play with, while giving your pet the perfect taste of peanut butter. You can take this ball to a park or just have fun with it in your home. It is the perfect interactive toy for both pet owners and their pets. The Jr Tuff Peanut Butter Ball Dog Toy comes in a two ball pack and is perfect as it does not stain and is helps to maintain the oral hygiene of your small dog.
The Jr.Tuff Peanut Butter Ball will allow your small dog to play for long time with your or by himself. It is non abrasive on your pet’s teeth. The non staining outer polyester cover ensures that it does not leave any stain on your carpet or upholstery. It has a thick rubber wall that helps to maintain the durability of the product and gives it a better bounce. These two balls in one pack are of industrial strength ball so your pet has to put that additional effort to take this down. The cover is non toxic so let your dog indulge in the yummy peanut butter flavor.
Industrial quality strength
Peanut butter flavor cover
Thick rubber gives it an extra bounce
Gives countless hour of fun
Color – Neon yellow
Life stage – All age
Material – Natural rubber inside and polyester felt cover
Flavor – Peanut butter
Size (S,M,L, XL) – Medium
Length (max) – 1.8 inch
Width (max) – 1.8 inch
Suitable for (breed size) – Small
Use – Fetch toy
Quantity – 2 balls

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