PETSPORT Laser Chase Dog Toy


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The Laser Chase toy is a fun way to keep your pet busy for countless hours. The toy is red laser light that can be chased by your pet for a long time. The PetSport toy is fun product and has a good life. It comes with two batteries in the product and two additional batteries for future use.
This interactive toy can also give your pet the much needed exercise as well. It works on a simple principle you point and press the button and your pet will chase the light. This toy is fun for the pet owners as well. It gives them the opportunity to play within their pets and if there are kids at home then this can be fun for them as well. This is a fun way to give your pet exercise if you cannot take him out for a run. Just remember that do not direct this light to your pets face as it can be harmful for his eyes.
Interactive toy for your pet
Countless hours of fun for you and your pet
Pet gets required exercise as well
Fun for both the pet and the owner
Use – Interactive toy
Suitable for – Dogs and cats
Kit Include – Pre-loaded with 3 batteries + 3 extra batteries included
Warning – Avoid direct eye contact with laser beam. Do not point laser at eye of people or animals. Keep out of reach of small children. Adult supervision required.

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