Petstages Orka Catnip Infused Mice Cat Toy


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When your cat wants to eat, it should eat with happiness and when you buy the technically developed PetstagesOrka Catnip Infused Mice Cat Toy, your cat would enjoy eating.

The toy is wonderfully designed, based on the psychology and activities of the cat. Petstages has many years of experience in producing toys, exclusively for pets. This cat nip toy should be entertaining to your cat. This multipurpose product could be used for feeding your cat, with special cat treats. It would be enjoyable to you, watching your cat, while eating treat with the toy.

The purpose of the product is to encourage biting of the cat, which would help to improve dental health of the cat. As the cat bites the toy, the toy would move and this should be very interesting to your cat. Further, your pet needs to be active, especially, after eating and this is the best way to have easy digestion.

The shape is just like the rat and that is the special attraction for your pet. This cat toy is suitable to cats of all ages. This toy should provide briskness to the cat and your cat would be in happy mood. The toy has been manufactured with non-toxic material and the textured surface is meant for dental health of your cat.


Perfect product for eating and playing
Made with non-toxic material
Good for dental health
Attractively shaped and designed
Stuffing with cat treats

Length – 2.5 inch
Width – 2 inch
Color – Orange
Life stage – Suitable for all age
Use – Cat nip

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