Protektor Dog Flea & Tick Remover


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Protektor Spray
Protektor Spray (Fipronil) is used to treat and prevent flea infestation, it helps to control paralysis tick, brown dog tick, as well as biting lice. Protektor Spray comes in the form of a spray which can be applied to both adult dogs and puppies.

Dosage & Administration:
Only use Protektor Spray in accordance with your vet’s directions, or by following instructions included with the product.
Normally Protektor Spray is administered once a month.
The dosage amount will vary depending on the weight of your dog.
The spray is normally applied on the skin between the dog’s shoulder blades where your dog will find it almost impossible to lick.
Too much spray may result in sticky fur.
This should normally return to normal within a few days.
Use this Protektor Spray externally only.
Seek help immediately if your dog accidently consumes any.

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