Savic Biba Drink Bottle For Small Animals – 100 ml


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100 ml
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Keeping rodents like Hamsters, Guinea pigs, Gerbils etc. as pets has become quite a trend these days. These little creatures are adorable, small and easier to manage and bring us a lot of joy. But before you bring one of these tiny pets home, it is important that you have right cage accessories for them so that they adjust just fine to the new environment.

Savic Biba gravity feed water bottle is a wonderful ad-on to your pet’s cage and helps you give them water for their daily existence. The bottle is easy to clean and is durable and hygienic. The bottle is made of clear plastic for you to check the water level. Along with it comes a steel nozzle which makes it easier for pets to drink fluids like water from them.
Easy to clean
Can be easily attached to the pet’s cage
Durable and transparent to check water level

Capacity – 100 ml

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