Savavet Toxo Mox 250 mg tablets For Dogs and Cats 10 Tabs


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Used For: 

Skin infections, pus-filled wounds, UTI’s, common bacterial infections for cats & dogs.

Dosage :12.5 mg/kg

10-13kg (22-29 lb) ½ tablet
14-18kg (30-39 lb) 1 tablet
19-25kg (41-55 lb 1-1½ tablets
26-35kg (57-77 lb) 1½ -2 tablets
36-50kg (79-110 lb) 2-2½ tablets

Twice a day

Presentation : 1×10 tablets

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10 Tabs
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Benefits of Savavet Toxo-Mox
Used for short-term treatment for wide selection of bacterial infections common for cats & dogs, includes the disease of the skin , infections of skin which are caused by cuts, where bacteria entered through it.wounds causing symptoms like itching, wounds crammed with pus, hair loss & dried discharge.
for treatment of tract infections, intestine inflammation, upper & lower tract .
Savavet Toxo-Mox composition
tablets which have the active ingredients of - amoxicillin (200mg) and clavulanic acid (50mg), for treatment of common bacterial infections in cats and dogs.
Savavet Toxo-Mox is not used for
Savavet Toxo-Mox should not be given to your cat or dog if they:
shown signs of allergic reaction or hypersensitivity,
pregnant or lactating, without discussion with your vet
kidney problems that cause them to supply less urine than normal
liver problems
Dosage of Savavet Toxo Mox 250
The Dosage of savavet Toxo Mox is dependent on the pets idle weight
10-13 kg - ½ tablet
14-18 kg - 1 tablet
19-25 kg - 1-1½ tablets
26-35 kg - 1½ to 2 tablets
36-50 kg - 2-2½ tablets
The Dosage and usage should be considered only with a vet prescription only 
Side effects of Savavet Toxo Mox 
Commonly found side effect - gastrointestinal symptoms including diarrhea and vomiting, loss of appetite.
Storage: Should store below 25°C during a cool dry place.

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