Pet Product for summer
06 Feb

Summer – the season that’s instantly reminiscent of sunshine, sand, and sea – is almost back! Though a season loved by pet-lovers and pets alike, summertime can also be harsh, leaving our canine and feline friends feeling uncomfortable and exhausted due to the oppressive heat. Well, here’s a list of seven products to keep your pet looking and feeling cool as a cucumber this summer:

Dog Paw Socks & Boots: Ever tried strolling barefoot on the pavement in the summer? We bet not. Well, asphalt can get terribly hot in the summers and it’s every bit as bad for your dog’s paws as it is for your feet. Try dog paw socks and rubber dog boots this summer to get total paw protection without restricting mobility or flexibility. And yeah, being anti-slip, both dog paw socks and boots are super-comfortable.

Collapsible Bowls: Of course you know the importance of keeping yourself hydrated in the summer months. But did you know the same goes for your pet? Well, if you knew this and have been grappling with the mighty inconvenience of carrying around your furry friend’s bowl when out hiking, biking, or picnicking, we’re here to dispense some good advice – get a collapsible bowl. Lightweight and easy to pack and carry, this type of bowl is super-convenient for offering water and snacks on the go.

Cooling Coats or Vests: We can’t change the weather but can always adopt smart sartorial ways to deal with the scorching heat, right? Invest in a cooling vest or coat for your dog and help her keep cool for hours at a stretch. With cooling polymer crystals sewn directly into such vests, these are a great option for keeping your pet looking and feeling real “cool” in the hot summer sun.

Water Toys: Yeah, we know both pets and pet lovers love nothing better than hanging around in the pool in summers, dabbling and splashing around like water babies. Get creative with your pooch’s water games this summer with toys like floating fetch balls and Frisbees. Up for spoiling your baby a bit more? Get a dog pool float and watch your canine companion lounge happily in the pool for hours on end.

Cooling Mat: Both a cool bed in the summers and warm bed in the winters are irresistible pleasures. Get a portable cooling mat for your pooch or pussy cat this summer and place them on your pet’s bedding when at home, or just about anywhere when outside. Filled with non-toxic cooling gel, cooling mats absorb body heat, providing up to 3 hours of deliciously cool comfort.

Cat Sunscreen: While the sight of your light-skinned or white-fur kitty lying curled up on the sun-exposed porch or window-sill may be one to die for, it’s not exactly a habit that’s good for her. Experts say doing so puts your cat at risk of developing a type of skin cancer. But fear not, you can protect your cat from the harmful UV rays of the sun by regularly applying sunscreen. Make sure to use a product that’s specially formulated for cats since she is likely to ingest the applied sunscreen.

Cat Tent: If your feline friend loves to hang out outdoors even when the sun is at its scorching best, it might be a good idea to invest in a cat tent. Not only does a good-quality cat tent provide shade and shelter when it’s super-sunny or pouring outside, it even provides protection from fleas and ticks when your outdoorsy cat is out in the lawn. Cat tents normally have zips at the entrance and come with a heavy-weather cover.

While summers are incomplete without sunning and adventuring, it is important to ensure that your canine or feline pet doesn’t end up ill. In addition to the aforementioned protective equipment, do keep in mind simple tips like not leaving your pet unattended inside a parked vehicle on a sunny day, leaving your dog home if the temperature outside is more than 30 degree Celsius, and limiting outdoor walks in the summer (remember that temperatures do not dip quickly even after sunset during peak summer).

We wish you and your pet a happy and healthy summer ahead!