TAIYO Ever Red Red Parrot Fish Food – 100 gm (Pack Of 2)


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This Taiyo Ever Red Red Parrot Fish Food in 100 gm is the perfect food to enhance the red color among all your fishes. The food is specially formulated to maintain the natural red color of various ornamental fishes. The food contains shrimp, caroteniod and spirulina, they all have natural ingredients that help to enhance the red color among fishes.
The red red parrot fish food in 100gm when given continuously for about two to four weeks will enhance the color red. The changes can be seen by you also for all fishes. The food is high on nutritional content and contains necessary vitamins such as Vitamin B, C and E and the necessary enzymes that help in digestion. Other than color it is a complete diet food, which facilitates a healthy life among fishes and aggravates growth. This product is extremely useful if you have a good number of red fishes in your aquarium.
Enhances red color among ornamental fishes
Contains shrimp, spirulina and carotenoid
Needs to be given regularly for two to four weeks
Enzymes help in digestion
Necessary vitamins such as B, C and E

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