TAIYO Economy Fish Food – 1.2 Kg


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1.2 kg
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The Taiyo economy pack in 1.2kg drastically improves the appetite of all your tropical fishes and ensures the right amount of nutrition is provided to all your fishes. It is very important to maintain the shape of each individual fish this economy pack helps you to ensure that your fish stays does not lose its natural shape. It is fortified with all required vitamins which gives your fishes immunity to fight against diseases. The packaged food is made of all natural ingredients and does not harm your fish or water in any way.

Your fishes also need a well balanced and nutritional balance to ensure healthy growth. The food ensures that the lustrous coat of your fish is maintained at all times. The 1.2kg pack not only helps in growth but also ensures that it does not contaminate water in any way, which is one of the prime reasons of you fish losing its luster and color.


Weight – 1.2 kg
Form – Pellet
Suitable for – Tropical fish

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