22 Aug

To have a cat as a pet is just the right decision because it is not high maintenance and is great to have around family and children. A cat is quite laid back but is friendly, active and outgoing by nature just like humans.

Talking about their eating habits, cats are usually individual hunters and eaters. They need high-fat, high-protein diet with certain essential nutrients. Cats take small meals all through the day, so they adapt easily to the schedule to maintain their body weight. Providing all the essential components like vitamins, minerals, fats, and protein found in nutrient-rich pet food will lead to a healthy life of your cat. But keep in mind that you don’t over supplement
your cat, as that may lead to overweight. Overweight in cats may cause many serious health issues just like in humans, so it is very necessary to keep a check on their weight.

If your cat is obese or show signs of overweight, then here we have a list of few things that
will help to lose weight:

– Set a weight loss goal for your cat: To get your cat back to the normal weight, first find out the right weight for her. Consulting a veterinarian will help you to assess the ideal weight. Once you have the targeted weight and you know your goal, then start working towards it.

– Keep a check on the diet: Cat food is basically low in calories and provides enough amounts of nutrients. To ensure that change in diet does not cause any trouble in her body, gradually change her diet over a period of one month.

– Switch to a low-calorie diet: Every cat has a different calories requirement. So check out what is the calorie intake of your cat in every meal.

– Feed with canned food: Canned food is better as compared to the dry food because of the low-calorie content. Canned food has a high water content, which makes the cat fuller even with a small portion of a meal. Replacing the current diet with canned food can be one of the easiest ways of reducing weight.

– Make her exercise: Make sure that your cat moves enough to burn the calories. Physical activity will help to build muscles and increase the metabolism rate.

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