Top 10 Dog food On nappets
04 Jan

There was a time when feeding a pet dog meant simply giving him or her milk and chappatis, or milk and rice. The occasional “treat” meant table scraps that included biscuits, bones, and meat strips.

Luckily, we’ve come a long way since the old days. Most dog owners today understand and appreciate the importance of giving their canine babies the right and healthy food. The last decade and a half has particularly seen a rise in the popularity of branded dog food in India. But the problem is that the Indian market today is teeming with a bewildering number of dog food options, much to the confusion and dismay of dog owners.

While we are going to tell you about the top 10 dog food brands in India, here are five factors you must take into account before deciding which of the ten brands will suit your furry friend:

  • Ingredients: Make sure the product contains high-quality, wholesome ingredients, so your pet gets all the essential nutrients every day.


  • Age: Like us humans, a dog’s nutritional requirements vary with age. So, while puppies require more protein for growth and development, adult dogs need a more balanced diet, and a low-calorie, high-protein diet is best for older dogs.


  • Activity Level & Weight: While a sedentary dog is better off with low-calorie food, active canines need energy-dense foods. Likewise, low-carbohydrate food is a must for an overweight dog, but a leaner dog can afford more carbs.


  • Food Allergies: Make sure to carefully read the nutritional information label before buying dog food. If you aren’t sure of your pet’s food sensitivities and allergies, consulting the veterinarian may be a good idea.


  • Breed: Your dog’s size, and nutritional needs, will vary according to his or her breed. Food meant for a Pomeranian will differ from that meant for the Siberian Husky.


Top Ten Dry Dog Food Brands in India:


  1. Royal Canin: Royal Canin is a reputable brand for all dog breeds. They are known to conduct extensive research before bringing out any product. Royal Canin dog foods are usually rich in anti-oxidants.


  1. Drools: One of the cheap dog food brands in India, Drools products are preferred by a large number of dog owners owing to their nutritious ingredients and hygienic preparation methods.


  1. Arden Grange: Run by pet lovers, this European dog food brand takes pride in its premium ingredients which include fish oils and beetroot pulp. Low on fat but high on energy, Arden Grange dog foods are naturally hypoallergenic.


  1. Farmina’s N & D: This Italian Company is one of the best dog food brands in the world. Containing as much as 60% chicken meat, their dog food is nutritionally unbeatable. Unlike many brands, Farmina N&D’s products carry a detailed breakdown of ingredients on the label.


  1. Taste of the Wild: The only grain-free dog food available in India, Taste of the Wild products offer duck meat and unique flavours such as smoked salmon and roasted fowl. The overall food quality is very good.


  1. Pedigree: Arguably the most popular dog food brand in India, Pedigree has long been around, pleasing canines and their owners. The brand is known for its wide array of dog foods packed with healthy, holistic ingredients.


  1. NutraGold: NutraGold is a widely trusted brand known for its high-quality, meaty ingredients such as chicken and turkey. Their products are best suited for adult dogs.


  1. Orijen: Another trusted dog food brand that is known to use a blend of different ingredients – including infusions of freeze-dried liver and essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 & Omega 6 – to provide canines with holistic nutrition.


  1. Fidèle: This is one of the most underrated brands on the Indian market. Protein – specifically chicken meat – is the principal component of Fidèle products. All their food is gluten-free and contains super-healthy ingredients such as salmon oil and whole dried eggs.


10.Hill’s: This American company has decades of experience in manufacturing pet food. Hill’s offers specially formulated products for smaller breeds and also has options in organic, plant-based dog food.

With this exhaustive list and the aforementioned factors, deciding on the correct food for your canine love should be as easy as pie! Other than the right food, it is also essential that your furry baby gets adequate exercise for optimum health and happiness. Happy petting!

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