Which family dog you would like and why?
20 Mar

Friends, truly I am a great dog lover and especially fond of small cute dogs. So now you can easily make out that why am I writing about these cute pets. If someone asks me that which small dog would I like to take home then the only name will be a labrador in yellow. Actually, I have some genuine reasons for my choice:

Labrador is very popular in India and other countries as well. They really seem very cute and innocent to me and I like innocent faces.  Secondly, I am very budget conscious’s so if I choose labrador, I will get a cute pet in the budget. They mostly fit in the range of 5000-11000 INR or more.

They are very smart and can grow smarter with training. Training them is actually very easy. I consider adopting a dog, especially for security. So, I feel that owning a dog is a great idea for security reasons and labradors are great detectives. They are very sportive and even some people use them for hunting purposes as well.

Labrador is very much demanding and that’s the reason they are easily available in India. The less demand for maintenance means they will consume less pocket balance. The best part about the labrador is that they adjust well in summer and winter as well. They are great to bring in family and make a part of your apartment.

On the one side if they are good at the rescue tasks, and a great assistant on another hand they are very emotional and become a good companion or friend of all family members, kids, strangers and even with other pets at home. So this means I have a friendly family member and smart-guard, both and my family loves small dogs.

They have a normal size and weight. They can be groomed easily. Simple brushing is enough for them and regular bathing is also not required. So if I look at my budget this dog is available at reasonable rates and maintenance is also not as high as other breeds need. Labrador is a great small dog even for those who are deciding for the first time to buy a dog.

Labrador can be easily trained so I can even help in a regular workout for enhanced energy levels. So finally I have got a best friend for my family who is highly active, athletic, and intelligent enough.

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