Fluval Stratum Substrate For Planted Aquarium – 4 kg


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4 kg
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Fluval Stratum Substrate For Planted Aquarium – 4 kg

Have you always wondered how can get those beautiful live plants in you small aquarium, that the underwater world boasts of. Now you can get these plants in your aquarium. This product is a must have for all aquarium owners who want real life plants in the aquarium, swaying with the water current. The Fluval Plant Stratum in a four kg pack will stimulates the growth of all aquatic plants in freshwater aquariums.
Aquarium or aquatic plants have the tendency to lose its shape and color, to maintain the natural beauty it is important to provide it with a substrate. The substrate is made of porous structure and facilitates the growth of bacteria. As a result, the bacteria starts its colonization on the porous surface. These helps to provide the right amount of water to all plants. The substrate avialable in a four kg pack also makes it easy for the plant root to spread across within the substrate and assists it to extract all the required nutrients from it. The substrate does not discolor the water in any way.
  • Does not discolor water
  • Assists plant to extract all required nutrients
  • Stimulates growth of all aquatic plants
  • Facilitates growth of bacteria
  • Suitable For – Fresh water aquarium
  • Use – Substrate for aquarium
  • Quantity – 4 kg
  • Depth – Recommended depth of substrate in aquarium – 2.5 to 6 inches
  • Note – Depth of substrate may increase or decrease it depend upon the type of plant and size of aquarium

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