Get Special Foods for Fish In Aquariums & Tanks From Renowned Brand Sera

Sera best fish Food Company is founded by Josef Ravnak in 1970. Headquarters of this company are in Germany. This fish keeping industry name “Sera” is a combination of the founder first name. Nick name of Josef Ravnak is Sepp. Thus combing, Nick name first two letters and his family name Fist two letters- SEpp and RAvnak he decided SERA as the company name.

The main motive of SERA is to give feed the fish with proper diet. Sera offers high quality food to feed the fishes.

Some of the Sera quality fish food items available are:

Daily food
Goldfish food
Freshwater fish-food
Flakes and crisps
Herbivore food
Pellets and granules
Beta food
Shrimp food
Turtle food
Food for aquarium fish
Frozen aquarium fish food
Fish food for tropical fish
Along with the fish food products Sera offers aquarium maintenance products as well. These products help in maintaining and cleaning fish aquarium on a regular basis.


All the products are 100% safe.
All the products are 100% quality tested.
All the products are 100% tested for being allergy free.
Ensure good health of the fishes
Prevents infections and diseases in fishes
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