Daikin MC-70-MVM6 Air Purifier


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The Daikin Air purifier as you would know by now helps you to ensure clean and healthy air for your home at all times. In today’s world when we are always enveloped by polluted gases around us it is a welcome change to get fresh and breathable air within our home.
The Daikin air purifier will help to absorb various bacteria and viruses effectively with the help of the titanium plate and will also decompose any present odour with its electrons. The best part about the filters is that it comes with five replacement filters and the company claims that one filter can work up to two years. It can be timed as well if you want. It effectively helps to eliminate 28 allergens, 19 adjuvants and various odours from the air as well.
Ensures clean air in your home
Helps to remove 28 allergens and 19 adjuvants
Removes odour
Helps to catch pollen before it settles down

Material – Plastic
Suitable for room size – Upto 46 meter square
Use – Air purifier
Key Features – Removal of allergen, adjuvant and bacteria
Convenient Functions – Offtimer, child lock and display adjustment
Voltage/ Frequency – 220~240 & 50/60Hz
Instruction – Fix it over the wall in rooms

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